(N)ational (A)ssociation (T)o (H)elp (A)nother (N)athan (S)urvive
Nathan's Legacy Foundation, Inc
Nathan's Legacy Foundation, Inc
We decided to start a non-profit organization to assist other families and other states make the simple process of getting to and from school safer.
Interestingly, the name of the foundation, “Nathan’s Legacy” was decided upon after a member of the State Legislature told us that the Bill that was introduced and eventually became “Nathan’s Law” was an insult to our son’s Legacy.  Of course later he supported this legislation.

Nathan’s Legacy stands for:
National Association To Help Another Nathan Survive
Our mission is to promote School Bus Safety through various avenues with the intent to protect children throughout the nation.  Our children are the future, nothing is more important.
We will continue to conduct educational campaigns at schools for the children, parents and bus drivers.  Providing training materials, coloring books and other useful information as needed.
We will continue to be a resource for other families in Mississippi as well as other states that have lost or had children injured in school bus incidents. We will continue to go to other states to help plan, develop and implement laws and policies involving school bus safety.  As well as offering an understanding ear, to listen and comfort those that have been through the same tragedy that we have experienced.
We want to assist school districts in obtaining safety equipment, through corporate sponsors and partnerships we plan to help with camera systems, inspection equipment and any other new technologies that become available.
To use any other legal means available to continue to keep School Bus Safety in the forefront of everyone’s mind. 
We have many fundraisers and events throughout the year and also attend other events throughout the country.

In order to continue our mission, to expand and do even more of the things that we want to do, we depend on donations.  We hope to get corporate sponsors and government grants, but the majority of our resources come from individual donations.  If you would like to help with a donation, Please click the “Donate” button on the Left or, to volunteer your time please click on “Contact Us”
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